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Graffiti Removal

Need urgent graffiti removal services for your business or home external areas in Hobart Tasmania call to remove your graffiti today, we have been removing graffiti since we started over 20 years ago. Our experience to remove graffiti from various surfaces without creating any underlining damage to the surfaces example signs, painted surfaces, brick & concrete tile walls and floors, metal surfaces.

Removing graffiti fast can act as a deterrent to re-tag the surface knowing it can be removed in the first 24 hours of the hit, also acting fast allows for the paint not to set 100% making it a little easier when removing particularly from painted surfaces.

We can apply clear or colour anti-graffiti coating protection to help minimize clean up cost and damage that can occur to your buildings and walls

At times when graffiti can not be removed successfully from painted walls its best to recolour match or repaint the surface with an anti-graffiti protection paint to help make the clean up a little easier the next time this type of vandalism occurs

Note - We can remove paint from sandstone and brick walls and other surfaces timber and metal anywhere in Tasmania, we understand heritage buildings and the various methods required to remove the paint without damaging the surface.

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