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Driveway Cleaning

Driveway cleaning services in Hobart can help add value to the appearance of your property we can restore your concrete and hard surface`s to its original condition removing all traces of mould and dirt, tyre marks, grease and oil, paint spills with our state of the art high pressure water cleaning equipment, as home owners ourselves in Hobart we understand how a clean driveway can be appealing on the eyes.

Thinking of selling your home or business property, your driveway area is the first appearance entry point for many potential buyers, spending money on restoring your driveway to improve your street appeal can help increase sale value.

Types of driveways we clean are general grey concrete, brick and concrete pavers, stencilcrete, sandstone, pebblecrete, stone and stamped concrete driveways

Driveway Sealing - after cleaning your driveway we can apply protective clear sealer coating to enhance current state or complete colour change using our concrete colour sealers, we generally do this work in the warmer months.

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